July/August 2022


Two anniversaries this week (D-Day and the Six Day War) brought to mind two monumental turning

points in the modern history of our people: America's invasion of Europe to end Nazi terror and Israel's

courageous, lonely and valiant struggle to remain alive in the face of invading, homicidal enemies.

These granted us a "breather" and gave Jews yet another chance. The necessity of creating a Jewish

State had practically been imposed upon Herzl and others due to non-stop, ugly displays of Anti

Semitism of the most malicious variety throughout "liberal, enlightened" Europe, reaching a peak with

the Dreyfus Affair. 


The Declaration of the Rights of Man (August 1789) had initially excluded Jews from the new universal

brotherhood. These "rights" were finally granted to our forebears the following year; ancestors who had

resided in France since before there was a "France" (it was Roman Gaul). As citizenship was finally

granted to Jews throughout Europe in the 18 -19th Century, we were nevertheless confronted with new

varieties of enmity and hatred. Deeply rooted, traditional attitudes of social, political, economic, and

religious prejudice coalesced with the newly emerging secular, academic and "scientific-racial" bigotry

aimed at our people. Ancient, vivid dreams (preserved in Scriptures) of Jewish sovereignty in our

ancestral home were rekindled. Zionism was born. This movement preceded the rise of Nazism by 35-

40 years, but it was a case of "too little too late".


Since tiny Israel has persevered (decade after decade) it has finally achieved near universal recognition

as the indispensable leader among the world's nations (including growing numbers of Arab and Muslim

States). Israel is no perfect utopia, but it honestly recognizes its own flaws and works vigorously to heal

and rectify inequities and injustices. In every challenging area of human endeavor be it medicine, the

environment, communications, emergency preparedness & management, agriculture, food & water

security, climate research, high tech, space science, etc. nearly the entire world will continue turning to

Jerusalem (as we do in daily prayers) for hope and faith and human progress.